IEEE Buenaventura Section. © Copyright 2012, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc QualityLogic is a highly respected provider of testing products and outsourced quality assurance and engineering services, specializing in the development of conformance and interoperability test specifications, suites and tools. As a member of the Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, the largest project of its kind in the U.S., QualityLogic is providing interoperability testing for technologies used in the Project. The Company is applying its proven conformance and interoperability testing and certification methodologies to the key technologies and standards that are exercised in the Smart Grid domain and will be demonstrating its Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Test System, which will be used by utilities and device manufacturers to ensure conformance to the Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Specification. Sauer Energy manufactures highly effective small wind Turbine Systems that can be roof mounted on homes or small buildings. The Sauer Energy Turbine Systems potentially offer the fastest return of investment to the owner and investor. SolarWorld Americas, founded in the United States in 1975, the American lineage of SolarWorld continues to serve as a leading visionary for the modern solar industry.  Today at the manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon, SolarWorld sustainably executes every step of the solar manufacturing process from the raw silicon to the finished panel. The state-of-the-art facility is fully automated, boasts 500 megawatts of cell capacity and 350 of panel capacity, and embodies decades of proven solar experience. At the same time, our sales, marketing, customer service and engineering teams based in Southern California, are dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers to innovate and champion solar on homes, businesses, government and utility installations.  GTM’s LAGER (Large Air Gap Electric Ring ) electric motor/generator architecture has the technological capability to radically change the design, manufacturing, materials, and performance metrics providing GTM with a significant competitive cost and efficiency advantage. GreenTech Motors has a world-wide Patent and Licensing Agreement with the Boeing Company to design, manufacture, and market a family of LAGER (Large Air Gap Electric Ring) low - cost, high efficiency motor/generator products. Our goal is to drive a new sustainable industry in Southern California that provides for high paying jobs, a stream of green export products  which will provide many locally-sourced parts and manufacturing  opportunities numerous  local suppliers.   Southern California Edison is the product of more than a century of providing reliable electric service to central, coastal and southern California. As part of our commitment to environmental protection, the electric power we provide for our customers includes more alternate and renewable energy (16.7%), from a greater variety of resources, than nearly any other utility in the world. We have been active in efforts to improve Southern California air quality since the 1940s.SCE is also an active donor to community and educational causes. SCE employee volunteers annually donate more than 700,000 hours of work to community and non-profit organizations. Titan LED is a California based company specializing in Energy Efficiency and Clean Tech lighting solutions. We offer a broad range of proprietary and cutting edge products designed to install and retrofit into a variety of existing infrastructures which include; Warehouse, Retail, Hospitals, Municipalities, & Small Businesses. Johanson Technology provides High Frequency Ceramic Solutions for many technical application including those use in wireless communication such as cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, RF/Microwave as well as custom high frequency ceramic solutions. The enabling of these various forms communications which is essential for energy controls. B&R Industrial Automation supplies applications in all areas of machine automation and process control technology. We offer our customers complete automation solutions from a single source – no unnecessary interfaces, maximum flexibility and the highest level of profitability. Companies specializing in packaging, plastics, printing and paper, textiles, automobiles, food and beverages, semiconductors, wood, metal and mining, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and building automation all rely on B&R know-how. B&R’s complete solutions help customers from all industries achieve a decisive competitive edge.